Organic hemp seed oil 250ml


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Our hemp seed oil is a highly nutritional food, with the perfect balance of omega 3, 6 & 9 which is ideal for human consumption. This polyunsaturated fat oil, contains all 20 essential fatty acids to make it a complete protein chain and has a vast array of vitamins & minerals. It also has gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which is a natural anti-inflammatory, also the linolenic acid (LA) and oleic acid found in hemp seed oil cannot be produced in the body but can play a critical role in skin heath and antiaging so are important nutrients to add to the diet. The best way to consume hemp seed oil is in its raw natural form, straight off the spoon but equally the oil can be used in foods such as salad dressing, hummus, pesto, spreads, dips and even in your coffe.

Ingredients– Cold Pressed, Org Hempseed Oil NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: (per 100g/ml) Energy Fat Of which Saturates Of which Monosaturates Of which Polyunsaturates Total Carbohydrates Of which Sugars Protein Salt Omega-3 Omega-6 Omega-9 21.5g 55.0g 7.79g LA ALA GLA 3547kJ/862Kcal 93g 8.93g 8.87g 76.5g 6.2g <0.2g <0.13g <0.05g 50.1mg 19.7mg 4.59g

Store in a cool dry place, once opened refrigerate & consume within 6 weeks


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