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The light formula of the cream makes it absorbed quickly, leaving no unpleasant stickiness or grease marks. At the same time, it gives a feeling of deep hydration and freshness that lasts long after application. Specially selected ingredients have bactericidal properties, due to which the cream soothes irritations. After use, the skin becomes soft, smooth, and bright.


Hemp oil: moisturises, nourishes and soothes the irritated skin, accelerating its regeneration. Improves the resistance of the skin to external factors, such as cold, wind, and sunlight;

Beeswax: lubricates, creates a protective layer over the skin, has firming and smoothing properties;

Sage extract: protects and nourishes the skin. At the same time, it has antioxidant, cleansing, and anti-inflammatory properties;

Oak bark extract: has bactericidal, astringent, and cleansing properties;

Glycerin: additionally protects the epidermis against external factors.

Capacity: 100 ml


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