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CBD patches – an effective solution for local pain

CBD patches are an alternative (or complement) to CBD drops and oil, containing exactly 20 mg of pure CBD and are effective at the local pain site.

The patches work transdermally – CBD is released on contact with the skin, and the bioavailability of CBD in patch form is one of the highest because it bypasses the lungs, liver and stomach (the places where your body filters or breaks down the cannabinoid).

How long does one patch last?

We recommend leaving the patch on for up to 24 hours, then replacing it with a new patch as needed.

The pack contains 12 patches = enough patches for 12 days :-).

How to use CBD patches?

Ideally, the patch should be applied directly to the local site of pain – back, arms, legs and left there. If the pain is all over the body and it is not possible to pinpoint a specific spot, we recommend using CBD drops or contacting our counselling for advice.

About use:

  • Simply apply one discreet patch to the skin (for example, on the arm, lower back, thigh or shoulder)
  • After 24 hours, remove the patch or replace it with a new one
  • Any residue can be washed off with soap and water


Cannabidiol (CBD) Self-curing adhesive Polyethylene backing film

Additional information

THC-free and vegan.

They are for adults only, and not recommended for use by pregnant or nursing women. If you are currently taking other medications, ask about combining them with CBD patches.
They are not tested on animals.

CBD has almost no side effects, but if you do experience one, we recommend removing the patch from your skin


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