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Citrus massage oil was created with the thought of obtaining the most pleasant hydrating, firming, and nourishing effect.

The unique composition, the main ingredient of which is our cold pressed hemp oil (known for its soothing and deeply moisturising properties), includes seven other organic oils ideal for all skin types. The massage experience is enriched with a fresh, energising citrus fragrance (we use orange and lemon zest essential oils). The oil can be used in both relaxing and therapeutic massage.




hemp seed oil: nourishes the skin, gives a deep feeling of hydration;

apricot kernel oil: moisturises and smoothens the epidermis, delaying the skin aging process;

sesame oil: supports detoxification of the body during massage;
sweet almond oil: improves blood circulation, has anti-aging and moisturising properties;

avocado oil: relaxes the tired body and relieves stress;
watermelon seed oil: positively affects skin firmness and prevents stretch marks;

peppermint oil: soothes muscle, joint, and rheumatic pains;

lemon zest oil: has stimulating properties, fights tiredness and stress;

orange oil: activates peripheral circulation and prevents stretch marks.

Capacity: 100 ml


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