Dual heaing dry herb vaporizer


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Weecke Rush Vaporizer

The Rush was designed with optimized convenience and efficiency in mind.
Unique silicon filter and ceramic filter that prevents particles from escaping the mouthpiece while letting pure and flavorful vapor through.
Its filter composition makes removing and cleaning the filter faster and easier than traditional metal filters without compromising performance or flavor.
Rush’s advanced dual heating method uses more heat sources to heat the dry herb, more efficient, and with flavorful vapor. This offers numerous benefits that traditional dry herb vaporizers simply can’t match, including longer-lasting dry herbs.
  • Unique Mouthpieces
  • Ceramic Filter
  • Silicone Filter
  • Type C Charging
  • Maintenance Clean Brush
  • Dry Herb Packing Tool
  • 2 Screens

    Portable, Powerful, Innovative and a Top Performance

    RUSH Vaporizer specification


    • Heating method: Dual heating
    • Fit For: dry material
    • Airflow: slight air resistance
    • Heat range: 160 ° C – 240 ° C
    • Temperature regulation: exact in steps of 1 ° C
    • Chamber: stainless steel
    • Capacity: 0.3 g of loose dried herbs
    • Heating speed: ~ 25 seconds
    • Battery: 2300 mAh


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