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Aromatic therapy candle made from organic soy wax, with hemp oil; patchouli-scented.


✓ This hemp candle is made exclusively from natural ingredients, without paraffin or petroleum substances. The candle does not emit toxic vapours during incineration, which is why it is completely safe for children and allergy sufferers. The candle can last up to 25 hours and is therefore very economical.

✓ Patchouli oil has a woody and spicy scent. It has therapeutic and calming properties. Aromatherapy using patchouli oil boosts the mood, allowing you to relieve anxiety and stress. Patchouli oil also helps fight insomnia.

✓ India hemp candle can also be used in body massage because its melting point is relatively low, which means that molten wax can be poured directly on the skin without causing burns. After applying wax, the skin remains moisturised, smooth and silky for a long time. The aroma of patchouli oil leaves behind a delicate and oriental fragrance.


Net weight: 90 g


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